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Medical surveillance done according to applicable acts/ regulations- Occupational Health and Safety Act, Mine Health and safety act and construction regulations

1. Occupational Health Services Include:

  • Setting up of Onsite clinics
  • Mobile medical examinations
  • Onsite Chest x-rays
  • Medical surveillance
    • pre employment, periodic and exit medicals
    • Full medical and occupational history
    • Full physical examination
    • Height, Weight, BMI, Blood pressure measurements, Urine testing
    • Audiometric screening /hearing testing
    • Lung function test/spirometry
    • Vision screening and Color testing
    • Substance abuse / drug screening
    • Biological monitoring
    • Chest x-rays (CR)
    • Certificate of fitness
    • Working on heights medical examinations
    • PDP / Drivers permits fitness test
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments(HIRA)
  • Administration of injuries on duty(COID)

  • 2.Primary health care services

    We can set up a primary health care clinic on site for :

    • Treatment of minor, common ailments
    • First aid Treatment
    • Chronic disease monitoring etc

    3. Travel health/ medicine and vaccination

    4.Employee Wellness Screening

    • HIV testing (HCT)
    • Welness days
    • Health educations, Blood pressure, Cholesterol, glucose testing, Weight and height, Body mass index etc.

    5. Travel health/ medicine and vaccination

    6. Emergency medical service